Sunday, December 18, 2016

Early Christmas, Rogue One and the COLD!!!

Its been a super fun weekend, despite the cold.

Jim, Jen and Grace came over of  our traditional Christmas dinner. This year they brought Jim's famous lasagna and it WAS AMAZING!  Seriously, he makes the best lasagna ever which means its hard to order it at a restaurant or try to make it ourselves. It was a huge treat. And, Jen made a super yummy poached pear dessert with orange and chocolate sauce. Heaven!!

The kids proceeded to challenge each other to a "music-off" its started out with dueling pianos and progressed into the drums, guitar and violin.  Such a talented group (except Kay, Jimmy was heard saying ... you are doing great Kay, just play the right notes now).  Grace just made 1st chair in cello and Ian plans an hour a day on piano, so it was really fun.  Jim kept asking for a reprisal of Give Nikki a Steak but the kids refused to be detracted, they were going to play what they wanted to play.

Ian and Grace totally hit it off. They have all the same interests and talked all night. They like the same food, video games, Korean drama's, movies, etc.  So glad that they both had a good time.  Its hard to be 16.

Then, because of the drop in weather, we had a coat contest, I think Kay wins.

Finally, on Sunday, Tracy braved the cold to take 8 kids (Billy, Kay, Ian and 5 of Billy's friends) to Rogue One for Billys birthday party. It was totally worth it.  Pizza, candy, soda, popcorn and brownies.  Just in time to send all the boys home.  If you do watch, stay to the very end and dont take a bathroom break. There is a fun surprise right as the movie is ending.

All in all, despite the cold, a fun weekend:)

Kay wins


Rogue One

Jim Kay and Jen, present opening

Jimmy dressed up

Kay, Ian, Billy present opening

Placed pear dessert!


Ian kicked us off

Then Grace graced us

Jimmy quickly switched to drums and guitar

Billy soon took up guitar and violin

Kay playing the wrong 2 notes, over and over. She's got the good hair though.