Monday, August 22, 2016

New hair, new clothes, learners permit - watch out world, Jimmy is 15!!

Holy cow, 15 ... We have no idea where the time went!!  

Jimmy recently took drivers ed (classroom) and passed his test to get his learners permit. He is now able to drive with a +21 yr old driver in the car - anyone interested? :)  He's actually quite thrilled and needs to get in 40 hours of behind the wheel and behind the wheel drivers ed in before he turns 16 in order to get his drivers license. Thank god we have a full year, not sure we are ready for this.  For a fun video of his 1st spin in the car, check it out.  Note that the blinkers and hazard lights are all on.  He couldn't figure out how that happened:)

Football is also in full swing and he's thrilled. Last week was 2x a day practices and he's been "running with the JV" as he says. He's the only tightend on the 9th grade team and has a good chance of playing up for the JV as well.  The coach said he has really good/talented kids in each position but not a lot of depth. Hope no one gets hurt and that it means extra playing time for Jimmy. So far, he's only played offense but he's also hoping he lands a linebacker spot.  The 1st game is next week, fingers crossed and Go Hopkins!!

School starts next week and he's excited for his classes, of course that will change based on who is IN his classes and once he actually gets to school but ... for now, we are in the anticipation stage of the school year.  (god help us the 1st week when we have to get him/Kay up at 6am for the bus, they've regularly been sleeping to 11am.  Culture shock at its worse).

Jimmy continues to be a talented musician, good friend, dedicated athlete, coachable kid and serious student.   He's got a great sense of humor and pays attention to everything.  He's got a great group of friends between sports, the neighborhood and school and I think 9th grade will be the "year of Jimmy".

For his birthday, we celebrated with Sue (of course) and besides the excitement of presents, the big activity was dying his hair.  Blond. He wanted to look like his hair just naturally lightened in the sun but I think he looks more like a K-pop star (Korean Pop Stars are called K-Pop).  He loves it.

And we love him. Thank god for his birth parents, foster parents and the village that we've had in the US, Korea, India and Canada helping us bear witness to this wonderful human being.  XXOO we love you Jimmy!!

Here are some pictures to take you back ....