Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy 13th Birthday Kay! THE Party of the year, otherwise known as Kaypaloosa

13th, WOW where does the time go!

Kay has been planning her birthday party since her 12th was over, literally the past  12 months she has spent fine tuning number 13.

This years there was Carnival,/State Fair revisited ... yep complete with funnel cakes, a climbing rope, yard dice, ping pong ball toss, french fries, cotton candy popcorn, sno-cones, slushies, popsicles, ice cream , carmel apples, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs,  photo booth ... I could go on but you get the picture.. basically the State Fair in our back yard! The girls could buy raffle tickets or win them through the games and there was a big raffle at the end.  (fake $ again, of course)

The highlight of the night was the water balloon fight, which turned into a reverse dunk tank (coolers of water over their heads) followed by a chocolate fountain.  Then ... movies, more popcorn and a sleep over.  I'm tired even thinking about it.

A HUGE thanks to Mike G (Kay's godfather) and Bjorn(super awesome neighbor kid friend).  They helped set up and work the fair and there is NO way we could have done it without them!!

It really was a fun time.

A bit worried for what next year has in store .....
The hamburger/Hot Dog stand

waterballons climbing rope

the drink slushy smoothy stand

JUNKFOOD! Bjorn is a rock star - cotton candy popcorn carmel apples  etc

funnel cakes corn dogs french fries



Kays to do

Her map of the backyard








The photo booth

The chocolate fountain and fruit


going in

now we are having fun

now with straws ...

more presents