Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nicer Fish On!!

As school came to an end the summers festivities began in earnest. The annual trip to Lake Vermillion with Carl and his boys is the first event out of the blocks!

Carl arrived on Friday evening in the middle of baseball, gymnastics and Taekwando, having three busy boys of his own he knew exactly what too do, so off to lake Minnetonka to fish until things called down around here. After the dust settled we got our vehicles loaded and ready for the 4 hour journey north which for the most was easy, the 13 mike stretch between Pine City and Hinckley took over an hour, but we made it to our resort, Life of Riley right on time.

Saturday we got the lay of the land and into our boats and headed of for the afternoon/ evening of fishing.
We had decided that we would rely on our fishing skills and have more fish and less store bought food. Of course Kay was all in and got a tad bit upset when out of no-where Jimmy caught the first fish! We as they say in the fishing trade " hammered the fish"! All four of us were catching fish and the kids and I had a blast. We headed in just before dusk to enjoy an awesome smoked pork dinner complete with coleslaw and a spicy mop sauce!

Sunday some of us were up and at em early while others decided to sleep in. The morning fish was as spectacular as the night before and we were all excited for the upcoming shore lunch. The weather was not the best this trip out and we were not able to actually swim or wake board however we had a couple of nice bon-fires. Sunday evening the contingent was back out on the lake hammering the fish once again.  Kay even caught a fish with a fish gummy worm.

We had a great fish dinner and as usual a blast!

Monday was a bit of a bust as far as weather and fishing however on a side note Carl had caught on our way to the resort a rather large snapping turtle that happen to be crossing the road. As Jimmy pointed out " Dad we weren't even checked in and Carl had tied a snapping turtle by it's tail and hung it off our deck, people must think we are rednecks", then Kay chimed in saying that not only was the turtle tied to our deck but it was really pissed off" outdoor fun, hard to beat. So Monday night everyone but Billy and Jimmy who opted for the less adventurous meal of pasta, had roasted turtle with a mushroom cajun cream sauce, and pass the Grey Poupon- of course Kay thought it was awesome and now wants to head down to the local swamp and catch a couple of turtles because, 'Carl taught me how to butcher them', good grief! Ol Bill had no comment as he is an animal lover and future veterinarian - his pacifist nature was offered.

Tuesday Carl, Kay and I headed out in the morning and the fishing was not very good, however no one that we know of has ever caught a fish while sitting in the cabin, just saying. We had another fish meal and around mid-day the Loudamericans were on the way home and to the airport, Toronto was up next!

Thursday early morning we had to retrieve Kay from a sleepover and head off to the airport for the 6th Annual West Lansing Father kid picnic.  Next blog....  (note, the artist photos are ones Jimmy took, talented!!)