Sunday, March 06, 2016

State & Competition Season is upon us....

This was planned to be the busiest weekend of the winter.

Kay had a gymnastics tournament Friday
Billy had state taekwondo tournament Saturday
Jimmy had a basketball tournament Saturday and Sunday in Rochester

Here's how it played out ...

Tom and I were able to see Kay kick some serious butt on Friday - 1st in floor, 6th in bars (and her 1st completed giant in a competition, she was in heaven) and 6th overall - Awesome momentum going into the state meet in 2 weeks. So impressive and she's over the moon!!

Then, he packed up Jimmy and Kay and headed to Rochester Friday night. They did the typical sports bar burger dinner and Jimmy started his weekend-o-fun and limited adult supervision.

Tracy and Billy drove to Maple Grove, got registered for state and then had a nice gyros meal at Scullers (dive bar by our house, love that place, awesome food) and home for the Goosebumps movie and early to bed.

Saturday morning found Tom at Jimmy's 8:30 game and Tracy at Billy's 8:30 tournament.

Billy was awesome and took a gold in pomsea (patterns), silver in sparring and bronze in demo team. It was the 1st time the demo team ever competed and in state no less! They rocked it! So fun to see especially since their team ages span 6 to adult and many of the other teams were teenagers to adult. Really Really well done. Then, Billy and I busted out of there and drove to Rochester to hook up with the rest of the pack.  I took Billy/Kay swimming at the hotel and some of us (Tom) took naps.

Jimmys team lost their 1st game despite a really strong start. Wheels fell off the bus in the 2nd 1/2. They won their second game on Saturday and that meant a 8pm game.  What are 8 14 yr old boys to do with 6 hours of free time?!  Run wild, eat pizza, drink soda, eat candy and basically anything else you can think of that would NOT be good prep for a game. Needless to say, they did not win their 8pm game.  So, it was back to the hotel for more craziness and fun.  A sponsored pizza party by the league and beers with the parents.  Then, back in the room - got caught up on Extreme Pool Makeover and Some weird Treehouse show where the host is very "perky" as Kay described him. (and he is...)

Sunday's game was at 12:00 and needless to say, everyone was dragging. Major sugar, sleep, caffeine hang overs for the boys and just general malaise for the rest of us. (what you get when you put 5 tired people in one hot dry hotel room with a father that snores....)    But, breakfast was dynamite - homemade donuts from the local bakery (yum) egg sandwiches hash browns and slushies from the gas station.  What happens in Rochester....  Despite the high quality breakfast, the team wasn't able to pull out a win. In fact, it was a bit like watching the bad news bears play basketball. Really hard to watch.

Busted home mid afternoon so that Kay could get her homework done and go to the meet to see her team mates (level 6) compete.  Jimmy needed a shower (bad) and then proceeded to  play pick up basketball with the neighborhood homies (James, Miles, Andres)  What, me tired?!  Billy rode his bike while I walked Nikki and Tom got us ready for a nice fish dinner. Did I mention it was 60 degrees and sunny today.

Let's hope we are all in bed early and make it through this week.

Check out the photos and videos below - good stuff!

Next weekend?  Boys state basketball tournament, baseball try outs and spring basketball tryouts.

Never ever a dull moment around here....