Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Billy Piano and a visit with Grandma Kay

Billy for the past few weeks has been dreading the Piano recital, the introvert does not like the lime light so to speak. He worried the entire night before, tried in his own 10 year old way to hope and pray the day would never come and in doing so barely slept the night before, but as we explained to Bill time waits for no one and the show must go on!!!

The chosen piece for the recital was March Militaire by Franz Schbert in the key of C of course. Billy spent weeks practicing the tune with the sound off on the piano as well he is Billy. Then without warning from Mom or Dad the day of the recital was upon us. Of course alumni and extreme extroverted older brother was happy to take the stage for Billy and fill time, but no, Billy was indeed ready. Billy was number 10 in the program and became a tad bit more nervous with reach passing student.

Finally it was time to take the stage with a deep breath and a final Ok, he was ready. Billy played those 78 seconds like they were the last 78 seconds on earth and did a fantastic job and with a nod to his instructor and a bow to the crowd he was done and ready to " get out of here". We are proud that Billy hung in there beat down the butterflies and persevered, way to go Billy!

The performance over we headed off to visit Granma Kay in St. Cloud. She has been doing great with her chemo and was super fun to hang out with, and to Billy's horror he was asked to play his recital piece for Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Brigid, Dennis, Stacia and Charlotte. We had a super fun afternoon visiting and playing with cousins and boy oh boy is little Charlotte cute! Kay had fun entertaining her and decided she wanted to take babysitting lessons!

It was a super

fun afternoon and we will be back again to visit and hang out. Keep the prayers coming and we all are praying for a full recovery!
More to come.......

Introducing on the Piano.. Billy Murphy;