Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jimmy Update

The lad continues his drive towards seeing every major sporting event he can and this past week was no exception. Tom and Jimmy headed to Green Bay to watch the Packers/Cowboys divisional championship. It was a cold January day at Lambeau....

The two of them headed towards Green Bay late Saturday afternoon and planned to arrive in time to watch the Seattle/ Carolina game only to find out that since Sue is in Costa Rica she put her cable on hold, but that didn't deter these two, Buffalo Wild wings played host for them and the game, wings, onion rings, burgers and the game perfect.

They were up and getting ready on Sunday morning each dressed for the weather and wearing a Green Bay Packers neck warmer and hat, Jimmy looked over at Tom and said " You know Dad I wanted to see a playoff game with you I just didn't think it would come down to this!" We arrived att he stadium around an hour before kick off and just wandered around taking in the sites. In order to make it to our seats we went through the pro-shop, which was packed and very busy, Jimmy looked over and Said " Dad we should leave this is somewhat disturbing", the last of the die hard Vikings fans, or maybe the only  real Vikings fan!The game was super fun, the fans keep them in the game even if the refs tried to win it for the Cowboys, the Lambeau towels were waved along with cheering for the pack and we had a great time, thanks Grandpa Jim!!!

Next up for Jimmy was the Winter band concert, which included a sneak peek at the Jazz band, Jimmy plays drums in the Jazz band and Tenor sax in the regular band. The Jazz band played three songs and were pretty tight and impressive. The regular band had about 60 kids and they too were quite good. The music teacher/conductor had the kids introduce the songs along with stating which instrument they played, his mistake was he letting Jimmy have a shot with the mic. Most kids said my name... and I play the...but not Jimmy if you give him a mic and a stage, well...He said for those of you who don't know me my name is Jimmy and I play the piano, alto and tenor sax, the trumpet, the clarinet and the drums and I recently taught myself how to play guitar, but I suppose it is not good form to stand up at your band concert and talk about yourself... see what I mean!

In between he also had basketball tryouts and was dead set to make the A team and after several days of complaining he made it! To finish off the winter semester he also had to create a science project. He chose to use 4 iphone 5's each with a different carrier and then test which had the best coverage, and he was doing this during school hours when cell phone use was not allowed, but all in the name of science!

Jimmy is continuing to excel in and out of school, hanging with his friends and basically being a teenager, yes complete

with the 13 year old attitude,,,
more to come