Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Billy!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Billy!
Billy is now officially in the double digits. He had SUCH an amazing 9th year, it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better when you turn 10 but… he’s going to give it a try:

 Quick recap of last year (all of these are covered in previous blogs so we’ll just hit the highlights):

~ Cancun for Easter – major fun in the ocean and beach, he and Kay dug tunnels in the sand and he and Jimmy body surfed until they passed out
~ Dad/kid camping trip at end of school year – what happens on the camping trip, stays on the camping trip – enough said
~ Lego camp – TWICE this year he was able to go to Lego camp and make amazing creations (some even had motors!)
~ Taekwondo – He went up 3 belt colors this year and started in a new school (not to mention his numerous medals!)
~ Retainer – he got a retainer and had an extra tooth pulled (ok, maybe not a highlight but he weathered both really well)
~ MPLS – we moved back to MPLS and he found a new group of friends and is busier than ever! (Jackson, Jack, Yurga, Liam, Owen, Cole, etc etc….)
~ Nova Scotia RV trip – Billy and Tracy found the big dipper EVERY night and we had a blast zip lining, turbo rafting and walking on the bottom of the ocean
~ Starbase – week long field trip to an actual military base to create rockets on 3D printers – way too cool
~ School – he’s complete 10 of his 20 book reports for school (in 4th grade you have to read 20 books and do 20 reports)

 On deck for next year?

~ Cancun at Christmas with Tracy’s WHOLE family to celebrate Jim and Bunnys 50th anniversary (can you say…COUSINS!!)
~ Taekwondo - 2 more colors until he’s Black Belt and a tournament next weekend
~  School – complete the final 10 book reports and start/finish his culture box (his topic, Korea!)
~ Dad/kid camping trip with Toronto friends – yep, its was so fun last year, its back on this year!

 When Tracy called him this morning to wish him a Happy Birthday (it was a late start at school so and Jim/Kay slept late) and she asked him “how are you?” he said “well, I’m 10 now”. (not entirely sure what that means but it must be significant :)


Tonight we are celebrating with Greek food (his favorite), presents and Minecraft brownies (hand made by Kay – it pays to have a bakery creative chef as a sister), then on Sunday is the BIG party at Chuck E Cheese with his 10 best friends. Let’s hope tradition doesn’t hold and their not a snow storm (like last time!). We asked Billy to make a toast at dinner he raised his glass and said " I would like to thank my family for being supportive. 9 was an epic year, meaning it only happens once in your lifetime and 10 is exciting because I am finally double digits and I'm a decade old" Deep thoughts by Billy Murphy.

 When Billy saw the cake that Kay made he said " Wow I did not expect this!", we asked Billy how come he thought he was going to get a bunch of presents and he replied  "I know I will because I live in an awesome family".  

Billy – we love you. We love how much you love animals (especially Nikki), how caring and kind and polite you are. You always want to make sure people feel ok and never tease other people. You love science and knowing how things work and are really curious in school and life. You are deliberate and precise which will serve you really well in school and life. You are a hugger and love giving kisses and cuddling. You are funny and silly and very much yourself. You are an old soul and have a lot to teach all of us.  We love your birth parents and foster parents, they did such an amazing job getting you started in life. Think of them today and send them all the love you can. I’m sure they are sending you love right backJ  

We love you and cant wait to see what the next year has in store!!