Friday, October 11, 2013

Kids Update

Well, things have been moving along with the normal crazy pace around here. School, sports, friends, work, neighborhood gossip and all.

Billy has been pursuing TKD belts with abandon and I for one am not sure what the protocol is for the old belts? Fold them up and put them away, nail them in all the glory to the kids bedroom wall or just leave them in a closet? Whatever I should figure out what to do with them because we now have another discarded belt, a green one which was traded in for a green with blue stripe. Billy was in a tournament a week or so ago and won 3rd place out of all the other green belts and we are super proud of him! He came back from the tournament and then tested for the aforementioned new belt. It becomes a bit confusing when one goes from the old belt to the new belt in terms of when do they actually become the user of the new belt? meaning Billy has another tournament coming up on the 25th of October and even thought he is now a greenbelt with a blue stripe he will be competing in the tournament with his old green belt, see what I mean? Either way we have a bunch of belts and are super pound of Billy an his accomplishments!

Kay has been excelling at gymnastics and is practicing so hard that her unconscious has taken over her eating habits, I mean the word carnivore comes to mind, the kid has become a protein eating machine! Her first competition is not until February and by then watch out! In the mean time she decided that cross country would be a fun thing to try? You know running a mile or so just cause you get out of school for one day, Hey why not. There were about 330 5th grade girls from around the area (yes 330 5th grade girls, yikes!) that competed in the TDESAA cross country event, I have no ides what the letters stand for but I am guessing the T is for Toronto. Kay came in # 155 not bad for no practice and running without socks in a pair of pink and black shoes! As well as, we had to remind her that winning was the goal. Her response "oh yeah". We are proud of her tenacity and fearless approach to her choice of sporting interests.

Jimmy has been playing up to his old ways in football, creating openings in the line for his running backs, running patterns from his spot as tight end and even causing a fumble or two and making sacks on special teams and from defensive end. The coaches are now working with him to take his game to the next level, meaning instead of just working the play the way it is written, they are encouraging to  start reading the field and making decisions based on what he sees not just what they play say's. He is starting to understand the concept but putting into play, so to speak, is not that easy. The coaches are hoping over the next three games he can grasp the concept and if so it will make their play off fun all the better. In the last game they let Jimmy be the kick off return guy and he did a great job. Not he only had one kick off but he caught the ball tucked in and ran for about 15-20 yards, didn't stop when he hit the pack took a big hit got up and said " that's how we do it round here"! The clip below shows his run, it is a bit hard to see but if you follow the ball in the air it will land in his hands.
We are proud of Jimmy's tenacity and his devotion to his team, his friends and his family!
more to come....