Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Miller Time- YAHOOO

Wade, Angel, Caden and Wyatt arrived last Thursday in a sort of planes trains and automobile type fashion, well  planes and automobiles, Holy Sh** data downloading in Canada is expensive, sort of way .

Friday morning, no school for the Loudamericans, found Tracy and Tom at a parent teacher conferences, not three. Seems in the Winter the teacher call the shots and decide if they want to see the parents or not ( see previous blog). Jimmy's teacher was happy to call us in and have a complete review of the previous 5 years of reports cards.

That behind us, we headed to the Science Museum along with the rest of Toronto. It was not quite as packed as we thought it would be and the kids had a blast. There is this interactive creative zone for the kids. It really is a place where the museum dumps most of it's recyclable trash ~  Popsicle sticks, paper cups, paper, and glue and allows the youth's in attendance to create birdhouses and the like to take home so there parents can actually recycle the stuff.  Big cost savings to the Museum, happy to help. The kids were just happy to hang together and play. Back home we just hung out until the 2 "kid sitters" showed up. Wade, Angela, Tracy and I headed out for a much needed date night and catching up session. We are very proud of Angela she was offered and accepted a new job, we will miss her at being at Target but she's still an important part of our our daily lives! Wade is doing great with his consulting gig and we realized how much we miss our monthly family sleep overs and play dates.

Saturday found Angela and Tracy at the spa, well Angela getting a hair cut, and Tracy offering support. She went from shoulder length to short short, its really cute!

Wade and I hit the subway with the kids and headed out to the Hockey Hall of Fame!
It was more than I thought and the interactive broadcasting booth kept the kids ( mostly Jimmy) entertained for hours. Tracy and Angela met up with us in a nick of time as the kids needed to eat. That done back too the HHF, for more one on one with the simulator and guarding the goal. Saturday night after Tracy and Angela returned from a pedicure, found us enjoying some nice wine, the kids had roasted chicken and the adults feasted on Beef Wellington, a new favorite of Chef Tom's.

Sunday Kay went off to gymnastics, Jimmy and Caden to football, Tom and Wade to the gym and Tracy and Angela took Nikki for a long walk to wear off the Wellington, Then it was off to Niagara Falls. As we entered the town, Jimmy proclaimed "Its just like Gatlinburg!! so much to do!! "  I would is definitely a once in a lifetime experience (meaning, something you only want to do once....)  It was the first time we had been to the falls as a family and the first time any of us had been there in the Winter. The falls is a must see place, I suggest the winter as most of the tourist traps, I mean destinations, are outside and therefore closed. That way you can focus on the main attraction, the falls. The Imax theater show is worth going to just to see all the morons, I mean daredevils, who made history going over the falls in a friggin barrel, there are lots of them. The theater comes with an option to view the daredevil memorabilia, totally worth it. One of the highlights is all the "inspirational items" the daredevils took with them. Not to ruin the experience for you but one guy went over the falls in a barrel with antacids and a case of beer, survivor or not? you will have to go to find out!

All good things must come to an end and sadly Monday afternoon the Murphy's headed towards Toronto and the Millers toward Buffalo and their flight home. It was great to see everyone clicking along as always and to re-connect. Thanks for the hugs, laughs and new stories!
We love you we bless you and we are glad you are in our lives.

More to come....