Monday, June 11, 2012

MS150 RECAP: $3 million total, $2,.380 personal best, 3,800 riders, 90+ degrees and 25 mph head winds

I think the title says it all…it was BRUTAL! Toughest ride in a LONG time. Thank god for Ned, Wendy and our new found friend Todd, they broke the wind for me and got me to the finish.

Saturday was relatively “easy”… gorgeous trail, mid-80’s and the wind didn’t pick up until about 11am, an hour out from the finish so… totally do-able. Saturday afternoon at camp was hot. We camp in Hinckley (near the casino) in a huge open field with little shade or anything to break the wind. But, we had a great time catching up with our other team riders (plus a few beers) We even got to view a wedding. A couple asked to be married on Saturday at camp as the weekend is “their favorite weekend of the year”. They are longtime volunteers and it was fun to see many of the riders come out and cheer them on. Very cute, they even had orange ties

Sunday is when it got tough. It was windy all through the night and at 5:30am, it was already 70 degrees. The wind built to 25 mph by late morning and was a straight headwind as we were heading south. The ride on Sunday is mostly on blacktop county roads with little shade or wind breaks. It was mentally challenging as the wind really can be exhausting. Ned, Wendy and I made an early morning pact that “no one would be left behind”. Thank goodness for them! It’ll be a ride we remember and talk about for a long time.

But… thanks to your donations and well wishes, I knew I could make it. So…THANK YOU! You kept me focused on the end result and finish line. My total funds raised was $2,380, a personal best! THANK YOU!

Below is the update the MS Society sent out today.
The good news is, we are all doing well today – not too many sore muscles

Big Thanks and Peace Out until next year!!

(Be on the look out for posts for the end of the school year and the fishing trip Tom & the kids are currently "on" over the next week)


What a weekend! More than 3,800 riders raised more than $3 million for Bike MS: C.H. Robinson Worldwide MS 150 Ride. Thank you for making the event a huge success and for making a difference in the lives of people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Your donations help fund vital MS research, support programs and services for more than 17,000 people living with MS in our area.