Wednesday, March 07, 2012

On the Piano....

This past Sunday My Music Store opened it's doors for the 7Th Annual Piano Recital and amongst 20 other kids, Jimmy and Kay were set to perform. The stage was set complete with lightning and flowers and the kids all were ready to go!

The second session of the day features siblings and the first one up was Kay Marie Jeon Murphy, playing a snappy little tune called " Square Dance" She approached the piano, placed her music on the holders cracked her fingers and sat down ever so softly and began to play. She got stuck only a time or two but if Liberace could do, so could Kay! She tuned out the audience focused, on the sheet music and about 75 seconds later she received a standing ovation, well two of us were on our feet! With a big smile, a curtsy ,and an air of confidence she came and sat down, well done Kay!

Several kids later the MC approached the mic and announce next up James Micheal Lee Murphy, playing the " Original Theme from Star wars" in the key of G. Now Jimmy having the stage, and recording studio background, approached the piano from a different point of view. Acknowledging the crowd with a slight nod of the head, placed the music on the piano and performed without incident and when the round of applause came he stood and wave the well wishers on. In fact, encouraging them to cheer louder and longer! Well done Jimmy!

Now Andy and Alicia have been teaching the kids piano for the last two and 1/2 years and being this is an annual event, sparks us to think that because both ,Kay and Jimmy were asked to perform this year we need to get a bus and decorate it in a late 70's theme! The teaching duo, well aware of Jimmy and his drumming, as he takes lessons there as well, hinted that perhaps Jimmy and his band should play at Golden Valley Day's this year, as well as, at the Annual Guitar toss,, hosted by the Music Store, Good God!