Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The rest of the story....

So heres the rest of the story, or as they say, what happened after that:0
Tom had a surprise dinner in his back pocket - No Manners Meal!
In our house, once or twice a year, we'll have a No Manners Meal, basically a shrimp boil/dump meal. You boil a bunch of shrimp, veggies, potatotes, etc, lay out newspaper on the table, buy a few roles of paper towels and "dump" the cooked food in the middle the of the table. The kids use their hands and are allowed ot burp/toot/not use "please/thank you" the whole meal. Its a riot! Tom embelished it a bit last night with crab legs and brussel sprouts (for Kay). Overall, it was a huge messy success. we all loved it!
It was also Glee night and the Valentines day Glee episode, so we were wrapped in blankets on the couch for some good family TV time (really, its the only family TV we watch all week too busy to watch TV!).

We opened cards and the mini- presents/treats we had gotten each other (tshirts for each of the kids, a tortilla press for Tom - for chapati, and a Lonely Planet Canada book for me). Really nice little gooders. Billy had the best idea to cap the night - an UNO tournament. Kay got out prizes (aka, crap from her room) and we had a knockdown, drag out game. Have I mentioned my kids are competitive?

We also had cupcakes ready, but given it a was 9pm by this time, they'd have to wait for breakfast. Nothing like a little cake, frosting and ice cream before a long day of school:)
What would Valentines be without a visit from the famous Target dog Bullseye!

Big Hugs and Love to EVERYONE!!