Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a typical weekend

Well not really. Several events have occurred around the home of the Loudamericans so I will try and relate them in order of occurrence.

Friday the 12th was education reinforcement day. Billy entered into the Meadowbrook puplic school officially by participating in Kindergarten round up. This is a symbolic rite of passage moving young William into what is referred to as "the system". Paper work must be presented detailing everything from shots, entrance exam, family birth order and proof of the birth of the child, specifically age. There can be no ringers in the "system" and a birth certificate seems to the check and balance. Billy went on a bus ride, "all aboard, were going on a bus ride, going here and there, going EVERYWHERE" Doodlebop. The kids then had a tour of their new prison, I mean school and met the kindergarten teachers. Bill is ready now all we have to do is wait 5 months for school to start!

Education is important a life long journey. Tom graduated from High School in 1979 and on Friday he needed to pass a CLEP test to finish his degree. Studying several help guides, on-line tutorials he was more confused on the subject matter than before he started studying. The test was centered on Social Sciences and History. In one of the study guides this question was actually there:
Which of the following Presidents was associated with Monica Lewinski?
1. William Clinton
2. John F. Kennedy
3. George Bush
4. Ronald Regan
5. Richard Nixon
Answer: Richard Nixon
See what I mean. I know full well that if Nixon was involved the dress would have been shredded, hidden and 'end of story'. So I chose the next best study method to learn about American History, the School House Rock DVD, they taught a whole generation that Knowledge is Power, if it worked for a generation, it would work for me. Wait I am part of that generation so maybe I did not need to study after all! The Preamble, The shot Heard Around the World, I'm Just a Bill and the ever needed, Conjunction Junction, I had to pass.

The test is a timed event, 90 minuets, man against machine. The room was hot and stuffy probably not used since interrogations during the Cold War. I step in with my lucky cross made by Kay and a picture of Tracy and the Kids, I mean after all one of the main reasons I was doing this was for them. The timer in the upper left hand corner added to the stress along with what at several times appeared to be questions in Greek. 82 minutes into the test I was done. I hit the submit button only to be asked " Are you sure want to do this?" What? I have been waiting 49 years to get to this point what kind of question is that? I clicked on Yes and the screen went blank, I waited. The studying and research I had done told me that I needed to have 61 of the 120 questions correct. I waited some more. The results of this test would net me 6 credits to offset the 3.28 I was short, there is no rounding up in "the system".
Short aside. ...In 1976 I turned 16 and was ready to take and pass my driving test. Unknown to me the night of the test my Parents had planned a surprise 16th birthday party for me and there was a dance at the school that night and they had arranged for me to drive the guests to the dance.
"I failed the driving test", this is what was going through my mind when I saw the number 54 on the screen. I made a rather loud moaning sound and the instructor asked what was wrong and I replied it appears that I did not pass. She asked what number was on the screen, I said 54 she said great you passed all you needed was a 50. A 50% which does equal 61 out of 120. Thank god I didnt take the math test. Boy did my outlook change! I was ecstatic and happy and to excited to sleep. I passed!

Saturday the 13th was full of Basketball and the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Jimmy and the Sooners were playing their final game. Jim had decided that the team needed more motivation and encouragement and what says that more then Cheerleaders. He had conducted a sign up and offered the cheerleaders training and more importantly, uniforms. This was all done at school and not known to the coaches, Tom and John, nor the parents. On Friday night I received a phone call form one of the "potential" cheerleaders Dad asking me about the whole cheer leading opportunity. I was unaware of the details and upon learning them we both had a laugh. Well as it turns out two cheerleaders came to the game and get this, got to sit on the bench! It was a hard fought game the Sooners were down by 8 points at the start of the third period and by the start of the final 8 minuets the game was tied. The boys battled under the boards, in open court, guarded the lane and came up short. They had a blast and being a coach, I just happen to believe the boys would have won this game had they paid more attention to the game than the cheerleaders, but boys will be boys. Jimmy railed the troops saying who are we "the Sooners" louder, " the Sooners", Jimmy's parting words to the team, ' We'll get next year, who brought the treats today" Go SOONERS!

The parade was far and away the largest turnout yet. There was around 125 kids, adults, pets and an untold amount of fun. The kids were able to invite classmates so there was an added level of people & school families. The day held out and there was no rain. The party moved in and out off the house as did the kids and the mud. This we believe was the 9th Annual so next year
will mark a decade so mark your calenders!