Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jimmy's first drum solo

The lessons began in January of 2008. Every Thursday evening without fail Jimmy would be picked up in the 'little" van and driven 5 kilometers down the road to a secluded sound proof room. The instructor would hand over the sticks and Jimmy would learn the ins and outs of his beloved drums.

There were times when we thought "OH my God what have we done???", and there still are.

Jimmy instantly knew the exact location of each drum on his " stage" how to tune them, fix them and some people even made comments. "Wow is he good." "Look at how he holds those sticks, awesome". Mom and Dad keep right on paying for lessons the rupees were flowing like water. But can he play a song? "Oh yes Ma'am"? What song can he play? "It is a solo Ma'am". (we never did get clarity on this and it seemed that they were going to let our 7 year old "loose" on stage with drums and no plan. We were nervous, very nervous.....

So without further ado here is Jimmy's first live drum performance coinciding with our first posted video, God help us. (I think we have many years of smoky bars and back stage auditions ahead of us. Please note that he was the only kid in the recital that got hoots and hollers. He was pretty energetic and very engaged....) youtube - Jimmy's 1st drum solo if you can search the internet