Monday, July 24, 2006

We've arrived!!

We are here!! After almost 30 hours of travel, we arrived Bangalore at 2:oo am Sunday. We "lost" our car seats, but the airline promised they'd find them. Sounds like car seats are a hot commodity here. They kids did pretty well. They didnt want to eat when the food came out and then were hungry when everyone else was sleeping. They also didnt understand that we couldnt pause and reply the movie on the plane. But, they did sleep and had some cute moments of playing with each other.

Our first day at the hotel was perfect. On Sunday's the hotel brings in playground equipment and has a big brunch. We met 4 families that were in the same position as we are ... expats with kids ages 3-8. The kids played with their friends for 4 hours. It was wonderful! We exchanged names and numbers with the families and got some good tips on where to go and what to do....

Today is a little more hairy. Billy and Kay slept through the night but Jimmy has been up since 3:00am (its now Noon). Billy is a little sick, no fever but an upset stomach (aka throwing up). I am sure its just the time zone change, but we are all laying low in the hotel today. We found the Disney channel so all is well for the moment. Jimmy drew a picture this morning (at 4:00am) of all 5 of us holding hands. He said we were sad that we left. Then he drew a picture of the 5 of us with smiles on our faces. I hope these are both a good sign of his initial adjustment.