Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why we are The Loud Americans

I know I have been negligent in posting to our site. But... if you are here now, you know...

We are moving to India!! I took a job with Target and we are moving the whole family to Bangalore India on 7/21/2006. If you know us, you know we have 3 kids - ages ...
Jimmy - 4 (5 on 8/22)
Kay - 2 (3 on 7/10)
Billy - 1 (2 on 12/11)

And, if you know us, you know why we called this site The Loud Americans.
I have also uploaded physical proof of how loud we are. Attached is a mini-video of Jimmy pretending to be Little Stevie aka Miami Steve in Bruce Springsteens E Street Band. Check out his form:) We have a future rocker in our midst!!

So, copy this to your favorites and hear all about our experiences in India!!